Sea Coast Physical Therapy is a fully equipped Orthopedic/ Sports medicine facility. We have all the equipment necessary for gentle treatments like ultrasound and electrical stimulation to the most advanced workout equipment within the two gyms we are located next to, Gold's gym in Porters Neck and Coastal Fitness in Hampstead. Being located next to these facilities allows us the breadth of equipment to tailor your rehab and make it specific to your needs, whether you have a joint replacement or a sports injury. At our Hampstead location, we also have a full size rehabilitation pool. Aqua therapy is a wonderful treatment medium that allows a greater range of motion without the amount of pain you would have on land. Aqua therapy is great for all ages and most diagnosis. Most doctors appreciate the pool for allowing greater amounts of exercise without high pain levels. This leads to quicker gains, and quicker advancement allows us to attain goals quicker, thus returning independence of your daily life.

By far the greatest equipment we posses are our Manual Therapy skills. All current research shows manual therapy in conjunction with exercise achieves far greater goals than either alone. At Sea Coast Physical Therapy we perform an extensive amount of manual techniques including: Dry Needling, manipulation (by Physician referral), mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, neural tension stretching/flossing, Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and strain/counter strain. We are constantly attending continuing education classes to learn new techniques to enhance our already extensive list.

Being a specialty clinic and with our years of experience, we have used most researched approaches. From McKenzie to Mulligan, Paris, Kaltenborn, Osteopathic approach to manipulation, Myo fascial Release, Deep/Soft tissue mobilization, active release, PNF, Jones Strain/Counter Strain and more. We give the widest range of treatment options so that we can personalize your program. The human body is a complex structure and we have found that "one size fits all" doesn't always benefit everyone the same. Our extensive experience allows us to tailor customized approaches to your unique needs and personalize your rehabilitation so that the goals we make are specific to you.

Please feel free to discuss any treatment styles you have used in the past that worked well for you so that we can incorporate them into your plan of care or educate you on other treatment options.

At Sea Coast Physical Therapy, our outcomes define us.