Our Promise

We understand you are in pain and your ability to function is compromised. Sea Coast Physical Therapy is driven to make a difference. We provide personal, experienced one-on-one care. We personalize your treatment to maximize your recovery. We promise to focus on you during your hour appointment and advance your goals in a fun atmosphere. Our Therapists at Sea Coast have also had major injuries, we can empathize with your situation and this helps us to understand your goals and maximize your time with us. We promise to use this experience in a way that helps you relate your needs to us and work together to achieve your goals. We promise to use our experience not only to address your immediate diagnosis but also use it to address all the functional impairments that have occurred because of the original problem.

We are educated and experienced to understand the differences between every body type. We understand that a typical diagnosis doesn't always present the same between everyone. We promise to take into account everyone's unique differences to understand all your needs. Finally, through years of experience, we have learned education is always evolving. We should never feel we have reached the highest educational level possible and are always pushing ourselves to learn the newest advancements within our profession. We promise to attend and perform continuing education to keep us up to date on latest advancements. Our years of experience help us to glean any new advancement and incorporate them into our plans of care.

At Sea Coast Physical Therapy, our outcomes define us.