About Us

Sea Coast Physical Therapy has been serving Southeastern NC since 2001. We understand our patients have voices. We are independently owned and operated by Physical Therapists who are willing to listen to your needs and develop a personalized recovery program guaranteeing your expedited recovery. We have over 40 years of combined experience to give you all the latest advancements in Physical Therapy. Sea Coast Physical Therapy differentiates itself from the big therapy offices in three ways.

First, Sea Coast was founded on a medical model, which puts the patient first, not a business model, which puts management before patient care/outcomes. Your personal Physical Therapist will have all your information, which streamlines requests and negates the need to go through different departments to get the information you are looking for. By using this business structure, which puts the patient first, we have made the experience a lot less stressful and more focused on care.

Second, we differentiate ourselves by our experience. The clinic has well over 40 years of orthopedic experience, which combines new and old approaches to give the most comprehensive approach available. We are constantly attending and performing continuing education classes to keep us up to date on all the latest advancements. We have an extensive sport medicine background from athletic training, strength and conditioning and team therapists. We have treated high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes who continue to return for further needs. To achieve accelerated outcomes we perform an extensive list of manual therapy approaches combined with therapeutic exercise. From manipulation to dry needling and soft tissue work, we have the most comprehensive techniques to help achieve your goals. Our experience and continued manual therapy advancement differentiates us from "cookbook" therapy, which tends to happen with less experienced therapists or ones held to only performing Therapy within a narrow window as instructed by the company they work for.

Finally, Therapist ownership of the company differentiates us from other companies because as therapist, we know what is best for Physical Therapy. The choices we make advance our reputation, and as independent practitioners we make choices that are best for our patients, not the corporate hierarchy who are more focused on management. You will feel the difference by the personal, fun atmosphere that makes the experience more enjoyable in an already difficult situation. Therapist ownership makes us all more accountable for our actions and outcomes, which puts your care and experience above all else.

At Sea Coast Physical Therapy, our outcomes define us.